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Kessler ElektraDRIVE 200 Series Motor.

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215,00 €
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Kessler ElektraDRIVE 200 Series Motor.

The elektraDRIVE Motor Pod is our interchangeable motor drive system for use with our sliders and other elektraDRIVE line of products to be released in the future. Kessler has multiple series of motors with different gear ratios, so you can tailor your motor drive to your needs. Below are the standard motor series we offer, but custom gearing ratios are available, if you have a special need.


200 Series Motor Pod (264:1)


elektraDRIVE Mount for Pocket Dolly or CineSlider is required.


The 200 Series motor is the ideal Time Lapse (slow) motor for the Pocket Dolly, and the ideal normal use (fast) motor for the CineSlider.

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